At Ruparelia Foundation, we believe that religion is the backbone of society. That is why we partner with various religious institutions to improve their structures, foundations and their respective endeavours.

As a multi-faith country, Uganda's population is predominantly Christian, accounting for 66%, while the rest is made up of Muslims, Hindus, Bahais, Jews and African traditional religions.The Foundation has allocated substantial support to aid churches, mosques and other religious groups in improving service delivery in their communities. This has included assistance for awareness workshops, office blocks and activities such as these below:

  • Funding the construction of churches such as the completion of Our Lady Grace Chapel.
  • Contributing to transport facilities such as Kizinga Church of Uganda’s new vehicle.
  • Facilitating activities of religious leaders such as contributing to the Church of Uganda Archbishop’s Emergency Fund which organised the “Farewell of the 7th Archbishop and Enthronemnt of the 8th Archbishop of Church of Uganda”, and being part of the contributors at the launching ceremony of a book written by Emmanuel Cardinal Wamala.
  • Contributing to the maintenance of the Shree Jalaram mandir (temple) by contributing to their 12-month expenditure and to the Wabikokoma and Naguru Mosque during the holy Ramadhan.
  • Aiding in religious events such as festivals such as contributing to the Eid celebrations, contributing to the festival of Astami Aarti Chadavo-Naratri – Shree Sanatan Dharma Mandal, working with the Saudi Embassy in contributing for the Holy Ramadhan.

Funded Projects

  • Sports
  • Health
  • Re-afforestation
  • Charity Events
  • Education
  • Acts of Charity
  • Support Activities