Sudhir Ruparelia Profile

Dr. Sudhir Ruparelia is the founder and chairman of the Ruparelia Foundation. Born in 1956 at Mengo Hospital in Kampala, Dr. Ruparelia’s story of entrepreneurship is an inspiration in hard work.
Coming from a family of Ugandan Asians who migrated to Uganda in 1903, Dr. Ruparelia and his family were not spared when the then President of Uganda, Idi Amin, ordered the expulsion of Asians from Uganda. The Ruparelias relocated to the UK in 1972 where the 16-year-old Sudhir worked odd jobs in factories, supermarkets and butcheries while studying in the evenings until he completed his A’ level education. It is from the odd jobs that he got his first real savings. His first real saving was made from such odd jobs.
When he completed A’ level, he joined various companies and worked as an accountant in one. He returned to Uganda in 1985 where he has since invested in different sectors.
Dr. Ruparelia’s early stages in business
With just $25,000 (about Sh65m) in savings, he started a commodities trading business and Uganda’s first foreign exchange bureau. Over the years, he developed a vibrant forex business and gradually obtained a banking license. This marked the birth of Crane Bank Limited in August 1995, a private commercial bank which is now Uganda’s second largest commercial bank.
With a passion to create a fully-fledged financial services organisation, Dr. Ruparelia obtained a licence to operate an Insurance Company. Goldstar Insurance Co. Ltd commenced operations in 1996. He continued to re-invest profits from his businesses in Uganda and built the largest portfolio of properties in Uganda comprising of prime commercial, industrial and residential properties mainly in Kampala. With time, he continued investing in the Hotel, education, floriculture and leisure industry.
Currently, the Ruparelia Group of Companies employs over 6,000 people, predominantly Ugandans, with a large proportion being women. All business entities are regular and substantial supporters of various corporate social activities in sports, healthcare, arts and culture, heritage and religion. Individually and as a family, Dr. Ruparelia participates in many philanthropic endeavours to alleviate poverty and adversity in underprivileged socities in Uganda.
Dr. Ruparelia received an Honorary Doctorate of Laws from the Uganda Pentecoastal University on October 25th, 2007.
Dr. Ruparelia is the Vice Chairman of  Crane Bank Ltd; is the Chairman of Goldstar Insurance Company Ltd and of Sanyu FM (2000) Ltd.
He is also the chairman and managing director of the companies mentioned below:
Kampala International School
2. Kampala Parents School
3. Rosebud ltd
4. Meera Investments Ltd
5. Speke Resort , Munyonyo
6. Tourist Hotel
7. Crane Financial Services Ltd
8. Crane Management Services Ltd.
9. Speke Equestrian Centre Ltd
10. Speke Apartments Ltd
11. Redfox Tours & Travels
12. Crane Forex Bureau Ltd.
13. Redfox Forex Bureau Ltd.
14. Karibu Forex Bureau Ltd.
15. Speke Hotel (1996) Ltd
16. Kabira Country Club Ltd
17. Munyonyo Commonwealth Resort Ltd
Dr. Ruparelia is married to Jyotsna and they have three children together.