Recently Awarded Grants


Voucher No. GRANTEE Year issue Cause Shillings (Ugx) Dollars ($) Rupees (INR)
083 The Uganda Scouts Association 2013 contribution made to the Uganda Scouts Association for the sponsorship to the participation of its national executive commission for worls scout eductaion congress in Hongkong 2,580
082 Shree Hindu Mandal 2013 Religion contribution made to Shree Hindu Mandal to assist the completion of Shree Hindu Mandal temple construction in Mbarara. 25,000,000
081 Ken Ali Schneider 2013 Education payment towards school fess of late Buki's son Ken Ali Schneider 700,000
080 Saurashtra Hindu Samaj 2013 Religion Janmashtami Donation 1,000,000
079 Ketul Patel 2013 Education Payment made for school fees 700,000
078 Naguru Mosque 2014 Religion Eid Donation 3,000,000
077 Nakatonya Islamic secondary school 2013 Education Payment of school fees to Nakatonya Islamic secondary school 600,000
076 Apuay Alfred 2013 Education Payment to Bugisu ahaigh School for school fees for Apuay Alfred 150,000
075 Kyambade Nicholas 2014 Education Payment to kitante hill secondary school for school fees for Kyambade Nicholas 150,000
074 Kogula Mbabazi 2013 Eductaion Payment made to Light college katikamu for third term school fees for Kogula Mbabazi 150,000