Recently Awarded Grants


Voucher No. GRANTEE Year issue Cause Shillings (Ugx) Dollars ($) Rupees (INR)
070 Shilpa Panchmatia 2013 Research Support Cancer Research 4,171,800
068 Ashaba Abdul Malik 2013 Education payment made towards school fees for Yusuf Mudemuk's son Ashaba Abdul Malik for third term 700,000
064 St Peter's Rushuguru Church of Uganda 2013 Religion Fundraising contribution 15,000,000
063 Shree Gajanan Ashram Public Charitable Fund 2013 Poverty Donation to Shree Gajanan Ashram Public Charitable Fund 200,000
062 Abbey Bagalana 2013 Sports Sponsor to travel to Johannesburg for 30days golf training 1.300,000
060 Ngamba Island Chimpazee Sanctuary 2013 Environmental Conservation Fundraising to feed the rescued chimpanzees 2,000,000
059 Save the Child 2013 Well Being Supply of biscuits and juice to the needy children in Mulago Hospital 1,003,000
058 Daniel Barbra 2013 Education Payment of tuition and hostel fees for Daniel Barbra 2,425,000
057 Busoga Marathon 2013 Poverty Busoga Marathon 1,000,000
056 Eid Donation 2013 Religion Eid Donation 3,000,000