Recently Awarded Grants


Voucher No. GRANTEE Year issue Cause Shillings (Ugx) Dollars ($) Rupees (INR)
094 Ken Ali Schneider 2014 Education Payment towards school feees for late Buki's son Ken Ali Schneider 800,000
093 Daniel Babara 2014 Education Payment made to Uganda Martyrs University and Bossa hostels ltd towards tuition fees and hostel fees of Daniel Barbra. 2,407,500
091 Baundani Foundation 2013 Entertainment Contribution made to Bundani Foundation towards the funding for the practise of dancing group of Uganda National Contemporary Ballet (UNCB) 10,000,000
090 Ashaba Abdul Malik 2013 Education Payment made towards school fees for Yusuf Medemuki's son Ashaba Abdul Malik for first term 2014 800,000
089 North Diocese Bishop's house project construction 2013 Religion contribution made to North Diocese Bishop's house project construction 20,000,000
088 Hon.Bucyanayardi 2013 Religion Support for fundraising programme towards local assist local churches to complete building structures at Nyambura in Mugamba Sub county. 10,000,000
087 Dental Treatment To villages in Ghana 2013 Medical Contribution towards medical help to the dental brigade to treat villages in Ghana 4,182,000
086 Honorouble Minister Frank Tuwebaze 2013 Well Being Contribution made to Honorable Frank Tuwebaze for fundraising programme to 100 women and youth groups. 5,000,000
085 SAVE THE CHILD 2013 Well Being contribution made to juices and biscuits to the needy children in mulago hospital 1,014,000
084 Derbar Hussani Kampala 2013 Religion Contribution made to Derbar Hussani, kamplala towards Juloese Shabe Ashoor to commemorate Martyrdom of imam AS 5,00,000