Recently Awarded Grants


Voucher No. GRANTEE Year issue Cause Shillings (Ugx) Dollars ($) Rupees (INR)
532 New Red Stars Primary School - Ref: Rezao Gerald 2018 Payment made to New Red Stars Primary School for th school fees of Rezao Gerald who studies in class P.4 - Term 2 450,000
531 Makerere College School - Ref: Tumukunde Brian 2018 Payment made to Makerere College School for the school fees of Tumukunde Brian who studies in Class S.1 Term 2 950,000
530 Gladstep Junior School 2018 Payment made for the third term school fees of Jovic Nathan s/o Katergga Henry who studies in P.2 Term 2 452,500
528 Twekobe Ejudde 2018 Payment made towards renovation of His Majesty the King of Buganda's Palace (Twekobe) under the theme: "Twekobe Ejudde" 10,000,000
527 Blockchain Association of Uganda 2018 Payment made towards contribution for the tickets of The African Blockchain Conference 2018 on 23/05/2018 to 24/05/2018 at Kampala Serena Hotel (5 tickets @ 440,0000) 2,200,000
526 Victoria Hospital Limited 2018 Payment made towards contribution against medical bills for Bwenje Francis Kawanho Issiah and Ajijuka Daniel 200,000
525 Kigezi Martyrs Day Comemoration 2018 Payment made towards the financial support of Namugongo Martyrs Day fundraising drive on 3rd June 2018 and special dinner on 4th May 2018 at Kampala Serena 10,000,000
524 Franciscan Sisters Kamwokya 2018 Payment made to Franciscan Sisters Kamwokya for the sponsorship of supplementary food for the sick inmates at Luzira and Kigo prisons for the month of May 2018 1,000,000
523 Otete Samson Henry 2018 Payment made towards contribution of school kids for the month of May 2018
522 Sam Muhwezi 2018 Payment made towards Financial support for Sam Muhwezi and Sarah wedding ceremony on 07/07/2018 5,000,000