Recently Awarded Grants


Voucher No. GRANTEE Year issue Cause Shillings (Ugx) Dollars ($) Rupees (INR)
615 Uganda Social Educational Welfare Association 2018 Payment made to Uganda Social Educational Welfare Association food festival 2018 on 09th December 2018 [60 Tickets @ 35,000/- = 2,100,000/-] 2,100,000
614 Nyonta Relief 2018 Payment made to "NYENTA RELIEF" for the sponsorship of "SAVE THE 33" Campaign 2,000,000
613 Keisha Wiltshire Kagoro 2018 Payment made towards Sponsorship to participate "Kids Gold World Championship" in Malaysia at the Tabjong Puteri Golf resort starting December 2018 $500.00
612 Missionaries Of The Poor 2018 Payment made to "MISSIONARIES OF THE POOR" for the sponsorship of Christmas Support For the Less Fortunate Children 10,000,000
610 Kigezi High School Old Students Association 2018 Payment made Contribution to Kigezi High School Old Student's Association 5,000,000
609 Uganda Revenue Authority 2018 Payment made towards WHT Payable for the month of Oct 2018 495,000
608 Ampropen Company Limited 2018 Payment made towards contribution to the event "Dance of the Lions" scheduled 'on 26/12/2018 at Kabale 2,000,000
607 The Pharmaceutical Society of Uganda 2018 Payment made towards Participating sickle cell Masters run 2018 for students 'of Victoria University 17pax @ 20,000/- 340,000
606 Independent Online Journalists Association of Uganda 2018 Payment made towards Contribution for the Launch of Indoja-U scheduled 'on 29/11/2018 at Hotel Africana 5,000,000
605 FRANCISCAN SISTERS KAMWOKYA 2018 For the month of Nov 2018 1,000,000